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BlogCan you feel the inspiration?

Moon at work, painting.

Inspiration. Each of my paintings are not just fascinating artworks to hang on your wall, but each painting speaks of a journey, an experience, contemplation, and connection.

Connection to an idea, to a moment in life that shaped an experience, and what that experience meant.

What thoughts emerged from that experience, how contemplation made sense of it, and how connection to others, to their experience, offered meaning and richness to it.

INSPIRATION doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of EXPERIENCE.

The thread that connects this series of paintings that I call Expressionism, is inspiration.

And it is inspiration that I wish for you to embrace from having my paintings in your life too. So, when my. paintings hang on your wall, think of how this artwork connects to your own experiences, and to what those experiences mean for you and your loved ones as we journey through this wonderful life together as people, and as communities.

A Selection from Expressionism

Here's a selection of my artwork, picked from my Expressionism portfolio.

Bloody Sky (oil on canvas)
Hope (oil on canvas)
Gratitude (oil on canvas)

Can you feel the inspiration?

With my Expressionism oil on canvas portfolio I have written about the thoughts and artistic inspirations that compelled me to paint each painting. If you feel inspired, contact me via the site contact page to discuss your ambitions and what my art means for us all.

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